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My Story

My route to becoming a therapist has taken many turns along the way. I started my professional life as an actress. I loved watching and learning about people and what made them tick, how they got to where they are and in turn bringing that character to life.


I then went on to raise three children, the most challenging but amazing journey so far. As my children grew, I trained as a Level 3 Sports and Fitness which I combined with my dance experience and ran a successful Barre company. Again, the thrill for me was helping my clients grow.


Unfortunately,  following a major injury coupled with multiple lockdowns I made the sad decision to close my beloved Barre company. I began to focus on my own healing and a huge part of that was becoming alcohol free. I trained with Andy Ramage and qualified as an accredited Alcohol Free Coach. My deepening interest in psychology and the subconscious then lead me to train in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT therapies.


I believed there was more to the healing journey and my understanding of the mind and body are one, not separate parts of us. What happens in the mind affects what happens in the body and what is happening in the body affects the mind. I have trained in breathwork and use my knowledge of movement and nutrition as part of my treatments. I am still learning and intend to never stop.

I look forward to helping you in your journey to live a better life. 

Jo x

Jo Booler
Reaching Out
Walking on the Beach

My Approach

At Life. Holistic Clinical Hypnotherapy, our approach is centered around our belief in the power of holistic healing. We take a comprehensive approach to therapy that integrates clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, movement, nutrition and breathwork. Our focus is on addressing the root causes of your issues, rather than just treating the symptoms. Our aim is to help you tap into your inner resources and develop tools that you can use to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. We offer a range of treatments tailored to meet your individual needs, including trauma therapy, anxiety management, weight management, virtual gastric band  and alcohol-free coaching. Contact me today to learn more.

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About hypnosis

Hypnosis is an incredible tool that allows us access to our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is where as much as 95%-97% of our beliefs, behaviors and habits are stored. Working directly with the subconscious, can help to make positive, lasting changes in creating a life you truly want to live. 


Hypnosis is a very natural, safe state that actually occurs daily. For example, if you've ever driven somewhere only to arrive and forgot how you got there, that is what we refer to as "highway hypnosis." What highway hypnosis shows us is our mind's ability to focus. Even though during that time the attention was focused internally, we can still maintain external awareness in order to drive safely. 

When we are in the hypnotic state, we have a heightened state of awareness. It is during this time that you can access and strategically rewire the subconscious mind to make positive, lasting improvements to your life. 

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